Hello there! I am a New Adult fiction writer, for age 18-30 readers who read-on-the-go or to simply escape to another world.

I write…primarily romance/sci-fi stories that include but not limited to sub-genres such as drama, thriller/suspense, and mystery/crime.

My stories…are often loosely inspired by other (may or may not be popular) series, films and/or video games with my real-life experience written into the mix. I write 7 days a week and I want nothing more than to be a full-fledged writer.

So, how can I help?

You can help convert writing into my full-time job which means I can focus on creating more stories (more proficiently) that I hope you will come to enjoy. The fund will be used to pay for proofreading, book-designing, and releasing future books.


Upcoming release you can look forward to-

Book #2 of the trilogy titled Impossible in 2019.

A romance (sci-fi) loosely inspired by Hooked app style of storytelling.

The final book of the trilogy.

A romance/sci-fi inspired by British TV series Black Mirror, and many more.

If you are not able to donate, please know that I’m already thrilled that you’re reading my stories. You can also show your support by reviewing my work (tweet/email to me or post a review on your blog) so that more people can know about it. 😉

If you would like to provide your assistance in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at libbykatewinter@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading! xo

L.K Winter, 2018

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