About Me

Around 20 years ago, I started my own magazine—print and distribute them in school for under a dollar a copy. My teacher was aware and being a wonderful human-being she handpicked me to write a New Year skit when I was 12. My mother watched me talked to the wall when I was two, I love to daydream (I still do) and I played make-believe a lot because we couldn’t afford toys.

After a fruitless attempt in my 20s to start writing again, I moved on to work in Sales & Marketing, dabbling in Interior Design among other things. After another decade of life experience with a lot happened including my undiagnosed PTSD, then one day I was writing again. Within two months, I had the entire trilogy outlined in my mind and I wrote ten chapters for book 1. You’re always going to find bits and pieces of my true experiences in my stories.

If you enjoy my writing, please feel free to tweet/email me (I want to hear from you!) and join the fundraising for my first e-book.

Tweet at me and see you around! xo


Libby Kate Winter, 2019

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