About Me

Around 20 years ago, I started my own magazine—print and distribute them in school for under a dollar a copy. My teacher was aware and being a wonderful human-being she handpicked me to write a New Year skit when I was 12. My mother watched me talked to the wall when I was two, I love to daydream (I still do) and I played make-believe a lot because we couldn’t afford toys.

After a fruitless attempt in my 20s to start writing again, I moved on to work in Sales & Marketing, dabbling in Interior Design among other things. After another decade of life experience with a lot happened including my undiagnosed PTSD, then one day I was writing again. Within two months, I had the entire trilogy outlined in my mind and I went on to finish the first book single-handedly. You’re always going to find bits and pieces of my true experiences in my stories.

If you enjoy my writing, please feel free to tweet/email me (I want to hear from you!) and join the fundraising for my first e-book.

Tweet at me and see you around! xo


Libby Kate Winter, 2018

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